Monday, November 17, 2008

Great reminder to all driver's out there!


again... this reminder came from my gmail inbox.. already forwarded to all my friends and just wanna shared here! and for your info guy's... i'm the one who always like that... sometimes can go to washroom tau!! sempat lagik... ngeh...ngeh... ermm.. and one of my 'luckiest' day on that time... all the fuel melimpah keluar!!! that nozzel couldn't stop when the tank already loaded!!! that cost me another RM20.00!!! rugi bangat dah la time tu minyak seliter RM2.70...

Reminder to hold the petrol nozzle at all times. You guys don't be lazy.

Always hold onto the nozzle like I did. A friend stopped for petrol at the Petrol Station (the one) at the Lingkaran Highway near Gombak) a little over two weeks ago. This was the first time he patronized a station. As his normal practice elsewhere, he put the nozzle on automatic and stood nearby waiting for his car to be filled up. Suddenly the nozzle flew out of the gas tank opening with petrol spewing out at high speed.

He was sprayed with petrol all over, including his face and eyes (just imagine the pain in his eyes). His companion quickly brought him to toilet to wash his face. After that they reported the incident to the staff and asked to speak to the manager. The manager refused to see them. He only instructed the staff to take our friend to the hospital.
According to the staff that was not the first time the nozzle came out of the tank while customers are filling up petrol. But our friend's incident was the worst.

The top layer of his right eye was damaged and the area around his eye burnt. His eye had to be bandaged for 10 days. He was not so lucky his eyesight was badly affected and became blind. Apparently the nozzle was lighter than normal and the speed of the petrol created a backward thrust that pushed the nozzle out of the tank.

So please be careful. Share this info with your friends, family & relatives.....

tepuk dada..tanya hati!!! miahaha

Monday, November 3, 2008

How To Stop Snoring...


This article i founded last nite...
great info for us... but for your info...
i'm not the one who snoring while sleeping... hahaha...
tak caye??? ask my wife mehh... unless i'm very-very tired lorr...

What exactly is snoring?
That’s a very good question and one is fairly easily answered.
Snoring is the noise that is created by the soft palate and other tissues of the mouth, the nose and the throat, which is caused by the fractional blockage of the airway. - In layman’s terms when you’re not getting enough air through all the time when sleeping.

The problem of snoring has increased with obesity, smoking, and the amount we drink and general lack of exercise. Snoring tends to gets worse with the progressing age when physiological changes which take place in our body and the changes in our lifestyle makes us more prone to snoring. Although affecting both sexes the problem is more familiar in men and in the people who are overweight. How to stop snoring is a question many more people are asking their doctors these days.

Self-cures for snoring
Gentle snoring that is not associated to the more serious condition of sleep apnea can respond well to home remedies. Finding a cure for your snoring problem can certainly result in a superior quality of life for both you and your partner who undoubtedly will be grateful that you have attacked the problem head on!

Undertake some of and understand how to stop snoring with the self-help tips identified below to avoid or lessen your snoring.

Stop smoking and lose weight<<=== dengar tue Hazir!!!
Losing weight will help to prevent snoring by reducing the fatty tissue in your airway. Your ability to breathe freely when you sleep can be improved considerably by eating less and improving your fitness level.

Stopping smoking will help you to prevent from snoring. Reducing exposure to smoke can also help you with the noise and intensity of your snoring.

Improve your sleep posture
Sleeping on your back will more likely worsen your snoring problem. The soft tissue at the back of your throat and tongue are more likely to glide backwards to block your airway. Changing your sleeping position to your side will help a mild snorer to reduce their snoring.

How to stop snoring can be achieved by breaking the habit of sleeping on your back might be tough initially. However you can try the "tennis ball trick". In this trick one has to sleep with a tennis ball or any other ball more or less of the same size attached to the back of your sleep wear You can stitch a pocket at the back of your sleep wear and then put the tennis ball in it. Sleeping on your back will be not that comfortable and you will respond by turning on your side. The same effect can be got by using a sleep pillow especially designed for snorers - ask your doctor for advice and where to get them.

Elevate your head
Sleeping with pillows can cause blockage in your airways due to bending of neck. Thus to prevent snoring you should avoid sleeping with pillows. Specially designed pillow can be used by snorers which are available online or at any specialty stores.

You can also lift your bed to a higher position, which will help you to stop snoring. Elevating your bed by four inches will help you to make your breathing easy and encourage your tongue and jaw to move forward. Using a pillow while sleeping can cause a fold in the neck, which helps in contributing to snoring. Thus elevating the whole head of the bed can be more helpful to stop snoring. The easiest way of changing the angle of the mattress is by placing rolled up towels under the head of the mattress.

Snoring is basically caused due to vibrations of soft muscle tissues in the throat.My book covers the subject of snoring and some of the snoring solutions that are easily available . So visit, Excessive smoking and drinking leads to the nasal obstruction which adds greatly to causes snoring. Proper diet plays a very important role Excessive consumption of dairy products will increase your chances of snoring as an example however Spicy and pungent food like cinnamon, cloves, cardamom will dry the excess mucus to prevent snoring. These are just some of the simple tips you'll find in my book about preventing snoring. So visit